Million Dollar Marathon

Million Dollar Marathon

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When Xi, a shepherd from one of the most remote parts of Tibet, flees across the Himalayas to India, he doesn’t know what awaits. But his very act of fleeing-alone and on foot-demonstrates a unique skill.

In Tibet, Xi had barely heard of the marathon, never raced against anyone other than himself. Now, with the help of the mysterious Mr. Singh, he sets out to do what nobody has ever done before: break 2 hours for the marathon-all while remaining true to who he is and where he came from.

“A rare book that combines intimate knowledge of the sport of running and compelling fiction writing. Readers, especially those who run, will enjoy this imaginative but fully plausible tale of Xi, the Tibetan runner, and the quest for the sub two-hour marathon.”
- Jonathan Beverly, former editor of Running Times

“Sport is about passion, dedication, and competition but it can also be a political statement. From the first page you will be rooting for Xi to find a place to run in peace.”
- Amy Begley, 2008 Olympian, 10,000 meters.