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Updated July 6, 2020

At MAF we continue to monitor the latest updates about the global COVID-19 pandemic and continue to take necessary actions to safeguard the health of our employees and preserve our ability to operate. We will adhere to strict requirements and will continue to monitor the situation to ensure our employees are safe and our operations are being run safely. Our pandemic team will continue to guide appropriate measures which should be taken during this event and take actions necessary to ensure our operations continue running.

Dr. Phil Maffetone
Stay safe, keep exercising, eat healthy.


Bottle: 60 capsules
Serving: 2 capsules daily

Our MAF C-Complex has a natural dose of vitamin C. It is made with organic, high-quality foods rich in vitamin C, as well as phytonutrients that research shows may be especially powerful in building and sustaining health. It can replace commonly used synthetic vitamin C products.

Why did we choose these nutrients?

There are several important reasons we decided to make a lower-dose vitamin C supplement:

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.
  • It helps support the immune system, protects tissue and helps wound healing.
  • Low doses of vitamin C can reduce oxidative stress from exercise.
  • Large doses of vitamin C can deactivate vitamin B12, causing deficiency. They can also have pro-oxidant effects.

Please note:
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Covid-19 / Potential Delays

Due to Covid19 restrictions there can be longer than usual transit times. We will do everything we can to expedite but some things are beyond our control.

Domestic (Within the US)

We offer the following shipping options:

FREE shipping
Available on subscription purchases only
3-5 business days

Standard shipping
3-5 business days
$11 USD

International (Outside of the US)

International shipping (including taxes and duties) is at cost with our internation shipping agent and we have tried to keep it as low as possible.

Taxes and Duties
The international shipping agent we use will take care of all the duties and taxes that need to be paid at your end. What you pay at the checkout is all that is due until the parcel is delivered to your door. No need to go into the post office to pay excess and no forms to fill in, we take care of all that.

Our products are all manufactured in the USA using premium ingredients and are fully FDA approved for sale. But many countries have their own regulations and requirements. So before we started shipping internationally we did a lot of background checking. Every country we checked with allows the import of small quantities of Vitamin Supplements for personal use. Generally up to six months supply. Although we have done our homework we couldn’t check every country and rules do sometimes change. So if you are concerned you should give your local customs office a quick call to check. Unfortunately we can’t take responsibility if the shipment has customs issues.

How to get cheaper supplements
Although we are working with the most reliable, reasonably priced provider we could find International shipping isn’t cheap, sending things around the world costs money. But there are ways to minimize that cost.

The first thing to do is to order more than one item at a time. If you order three month’s supply in one shipment the shipping cost is split three ways so it becomes much cheaper.

The second thing to do is set up a subscription. Our flexible subscription options are entirely under your control and shipments can be cancelled, delayed (as long as they haven’t already shipped) or even brought forward to match your needs. So you could set things up to ship three months of stock every third month, no need to remember, just when you start to run out another batch will arrive.

Any issues, please email

Due to the overwhelming demand since we launched MAF Supplements, we are now opening the range up to wholesale orders.

Please drop us a line at with your contact details and wholesale requirements and we will get back to you straight away.

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