Healthy Brains, Healthy Children

Healthy Brains, Healthy Children

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Available in paperback or eBook.

How parents can raise their children in a smarter, healthier and more natural way.

This book will empower mothers and fathers to better understand and improve their child’s developing brain – starting at any age. Topics include

  • Prenatal, breastfeeding and baby’s first food
  • Natural ways to regulate blood sugar to the brain
  • Drug-free strengthening of the immune system
  • Recognizing and avoiding food allergies that lead to chronic illness and brain dysfunction
  • Detoxifying the home environment
  • Hospitals, medications and testing
  • Choosing a healthcare professional (from the traditional medical to “alternative” professionals) • Understanding the full spectrum of brain problems
  • Common neurological spectrum conditions (autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, seizure disorders, and ADHD)
  • Exercise, sensory and motor stimulation
  • Healthy recipes Healthy Brains, Healthy Children can also assist healthcare professionals make helpful recommendations for their own patients.